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Welcome to Letchworth Open Gardens 2022 and its history .

Letchworth Garden City Open Gardens began in 2002, opening every alternate year. However following a virtual online event in 2020, we returned to an in person event in 2021 followed immediately by this year's 2022 event!

Letchworth Open Gardeners enjoy meeting visitors and showing our gardens; we strive to be super tidy for one special day. We are proud to make money for charities. Over the years we have raised over £50,000 for the British Red Cross, the Garden House Hospice and other national and local charities. We now attract over eight hundred visitors to over gardens and we hope you will once again raise over £10,000 this year.

Letchworth Open Gardeners are a group of local individuals who share an enthusiasm for gardening. You will find that each garden looks different. They vary in size from large to tiny and in styles from modern to English traditional, from gentle to exuberant, perhaps exotic. Many of us grow fruit and vegetables.

Several types of top soil are found within Letchworth. Some gardeners work on heavy clay, some have only a few centimetres of topsoil before striking a hard layer of chalk; others have gritty, light topsoil.

Letchworth rainfall in 2019 was only 526 millimetres (20.7 inches.) We complain that we endure weeks with too much or too little rain. Generally our gardens are dry—and often windy. Growing a garden is a journey that never ends. Each season unpredicted things happen—to delight or dismay the gardeners. This year the spring season was very late so who knows what will be happening on June 19th!

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